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The Band TRIAZ in Freiburg Jazz-Pop, Vocal-Jazz // Ambience, tension, hymnal melodies and a lot of feeling – that´s what you find in the songs of the band TRIAZ. The musical spectrum of the band consists of elements drawn from jazz, pop and classical influences, which brings the audience into a prior non existing world. The band based in Freiburg, Germany, creates a mood with their innovative songs, that seems powerful and enthralling but gentle as well. The lead singer Florine Puluj glides with her soft, jazzy voice over the powerful band, that casts a spell over the audience with their different sounds. Voice and violin encounter acoustic/electric guitar, piano, double-bass and drums. The self composed/original songs of the band are strong, thrilling, melancholic as well as narrative powered by both the voice and the band.That‘s how the five musicians perform music which contains surprising and diverse aspects, producing a completely new and harmonic sound experience. Im Projekt New UI für The Band from Munich mit The Band TRIAZ - Bring Me Everything by Triaz

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